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Circle Peacemaking Facilitation Training (March 21-23, 2017, Alaska)

March 21-23, Anchorage, Alaska 

Participants will learn and share diverse processes and purposes of a “Circle” to mediate harm and conflict in a manner aligned with community values. As a tool, the “Circle” can also divert youth offenders from the state justice system, while supporting them in their tribal community. Participants will learn and share the intentions, philosophies and styles of different approaches to using a Circle for restorative practices, and identify an approach aligned with their community’s value of supporting Alaska Native youth, while restoring overall community wellness.

More than 30 tribes from around Alaska are participating in this event.

Among the peacemakers are Mike Jackson, Tlingit/Haida, Keeper of the Circle in Kake, Alaska,  and Harold Gatensby, Inland Dakha Tlingit, Peacemaker from Carcross, Yukon.

Mike Jackson
Harold Gatensby
Harold Gatensby