Peacemaking News

NEWS: National Congress of American Indians Resolution Supporting Peacemaking

The National Congress of American Indians will hold its annual convention, this year online, November 8-13.  This leading organization endorses the IPI, and has great things to say about peacemaking: “in the interests of protecting and promoting tribal sovereignty, strengthening Tribal governments, advancing Tribal self determination and advancing health and welfare of American Indians and Alaska Natives by providing more culturally appropriate and functional dispute resolution systems, the NCAI does hereby express its support for… Read More »NEWS: National Congress of American Indians Resolution Supporting Peacemaking

NEWS: Spiritual Healing: A ‘More Hawaiian’ Way to Deal With Delinquent Kids

Honolulu Pilot Presents a “More Hawai’ian” Way of Dealing with Juvenile Offenders. Intervention with traditional teachings means to address overrepresentation of Native Hawai’ian and Pacific Islanders in the juvenile justice system. This article is well worth the read. Please click here for the full article:

NEWS: Clan Mother Video Shows Circles for Healing

We usually point out in our introductory peace circles presentations and trainings that there are many types of circles – people naturally tend to gather in circles to address certain situations they encounter, both good and bad. The video below shows a great example, in that this Stockbridge-Munsee clan mother has taught her family to use circles for support. It’s a great video that also explains and shows by example how traditional leadership develops and… Read More »NEWS: Clan Mother Video Shows Circles for Healing


The Life Comes From It grantmaking circle, supports “grassroots movement-building work rooted in lived experience and relationships for restorative justice, transformative justice, and indigenous peacemaking”. They are recruiting candidates to apply for their next round of funding. The grantmaking is intended to support (1) individual projects and (2) networks, convenings, and collaborations that enhance movement building. If you have anything that might use such support, please apply at:

NEWS: Peacemaking Colloquium 2020 Recordings are Now Available!

The Peacemaking Colloquium 2020 was successfully held on August 5 & 6, 2020. Now recordings from this groundbreaking event are available for public viewing. Please see the links below for access to the agenda and the recording. If nobody has told you yet, there were some amazing speakers participating, and the topics were often groundbreaking.  There is even an option to listen at higher speed, so you can experience the whole event much faster!   … Read More »NEWS: Peacemaking Colloquium 2020 Recordings are Now Available!

NEWS: How to Cope with Triggered Trauma Memories

Here is a nice resource for peacemakers (and the rest of us!) that can be helpful when memories of traumatic events get triggered. Some quick tips on self- care. Peacemakers can suggest them to participants having difficulties, or you can even keep it handy to help yourself in difficult times.

NEWS: Circle Peacemaking: A Timeless Practice Becomes Trendy

Circle Peacemaking: A Timeless Practice Becomes Trendy, authored by Mike A Jackson, is a brief and comprehensive slideshow that was provided in a training on peacemaking by Mike Jackson, IPI Advisory Committee member and recognized leader of circle peacemaking across North America. To view the slideshow, please download it here:

NEWS: Federal Medicaid policy provides much-needed resources for Native communities

IPI NARF Attorney Brett Lee Shelton, acting in his personal capacity, had an op-ed published in Indian Country Today. While not related to NARF business, it may be of interest.  Share if you’d like:


New Mexico Supreme Court Senior Justice Barbara Vigil gave the keynote address at Building Better Child Welfare Courts Together, an online symposium co-hosted by IPI online on July 30. Other IPI-related speakers included Brett Lee Shelton, Cheryl Fairbanks, Kevin Briscoe, Timothy Connors, Robert Yazzie, and former NARF Board member and longtime supporter Verna Teller .


A reminder for all that the Peacemaking Colloqium 2020 will be held this week on Wednesday, August 5th through Thursday, August 6th. This event will be convened through Zoom, due to the the current covid-19 pandemic. If you have not registered for this event yet, please click here to register now: REGISTER For a copy of the Peacemaking Colloqium’s 2020 Agenda, please download it here:

NEWS: What are Obstacles to Accountability?

It is useful for peacemakers is knowing what those around the circle with you are going through.  This short video explains why people struggle with accountability- it’s hard work and uncomfortable, scary. Understanding can help you help them. Check out the video at the link, it’ll be worth your time!  Featuring friend to IPI Sonya Shah! Since May 2020, protesters across the United States are demanding that cities defund and abolish their police departments in… Read More »NEWS: What are Obstacles to Accountability?


Please join us for the Peacemaking Colloquium 2020 – REGISTER FOR PEACEMAKING COLLOQUIUM. PURPOSE: Peacemaking is an indigenous circle process based on tribal values and customary law providing a basis for helping resolve conflicts and disputes. Many Colloquiums have been held throughout the nation which involved peacemakers, scholars, tribal communities, and law students. Colloquium  2020 will be national and international and will highlight Tribal/Indigenous/State dispute resolution models. Presenters will include experts and wisdom keepers who will share their indigenous knowledge… Read More »NEWS: PEACEMAKING COLLOQUIUM REGISTRATION NOW OPEN

NEWS: Why Tribes Should Have the Power to Enforce Strict Coronavirus Policies

The Atlantic magazine just published Why Tribes Should Have the Power to Enforce Strict Coronavirus Policies, by Professor Matthew Fletcher of Michigan State University. There are extremely high stakes involved if nonmembers flout tribal stay-at-home orders. While Fletcher isn’t given the space to address all the facets of the issue, it is true that a community-focused approach, like that encouraged by peace circles, would be better suited to handle public health emergencies. In the meantime,… Read More »NEWS: Why Tribes Should Have the Power to Enforce Strict Coronavirus Policies


The article at this link: explains that the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has opened two pilot programs to help with alternative dispute resolution in employment discrimination cases. The mediation program expands the types of cases that may resolved with mediation, and also allows mediation to be an option at several points in the process- much like some tribes do with peacemaking in court cases. The conciliation program bolsters the agency’s ability to… Read More »NEWS: ARTICLE ON EEOC PILOT PROGRAMS


The University of Denver Conflict Resolution Institute (CRI) ( put out a bulletin a few weeks ago on Hearing and Listening to Stories of Injustice. It included a wealth of great resources assembled by CRI staff. Those are listed below, and you can sign up for CRI’s newsletter at the website linked above. As you can see from the introductory language below, these materials are highly relevant now, AND much of the wisdom contained in… Read More »NEWS: UNIVERSITY OF DENVER CONFLICT RESOLUTION INSTITUTE BULLETIN

NEWS: Families, Communities, Systems Need to Collaborate to Really Help Whole Child

This article features quotes and more from IPI Advisory Committee member Cheryl D. Fairbanks, and Zuni/Navajo Peacemaker Christy Chapman. The article calls for changes to the child welfare legal system, and features peacemaking, and two other methodologies that derive from indigenous circle processes (though the connection to indigenous practices isn’t so clear in the language of the article) as possible advances systems that can implemented. Click here to see the full article:

NEWS: Hiawatha and the Peacemaker- A Book for Young (and ALL) Readers by Robbie Robertson

This wonderful book tells the Iroquois story of Tadodaho, Hiawatha, and the Peacemaker, with historical references provided and with beautiful illustrations by David Shannon. Also included is a CD by the author, rock music legend and Mohawk and Cayuga Robbie Robertson. This book is beautiful to look at, the story beautiful to read, and really should be a “must-read” for a real American story. Well worth the purchase price to have on hand, and worthy… Read More »NEWS: Hiawatha and the Peacemaker- A Book for Young (and ALL) Readers by Robbie Robertson

NEWS: Oxford Transitional Justice Research Group Seminar

On Monday, May 25, 2020 IPI Staff Attorney Brett Lee Shelton and Advisory Committee Member Judge Tim Connors, as well as Michigan Law Professor Margaret Connors, all participated as guest speakers in a seminar forum on Peacemaking hosted by Advisory Committee Member Carson Smith from the prestigious University Oxford in England. The host organization for the seminar  was the Oxford Transitional Justice Research group.  The seminar was recorded and will be available via the Oxford… Read More »NEWS: Oxford Transitional Justice Research Group Seminar

NEWS: Taking Circles Online

In the wake of COVID-19 concerns, some restorative justice programs have started to offer assistance online over conferencing platforms like Zoom and WebEx. While Peacemakers know that the experience cannot be the same as when you are in the same room together, there are still conflicts in need of addressing so video-conference circles are being used as the best available option for the present time. The graphic below is the timeline that one leading locally-based… Read More »NEWS: Taking Circles Online

NEWS: A Little Girl’s Wisdom

The wisdom this little girl shares with her mother after the parents had an argument is amazing. Native cultures often conceptualize children and elders as closest to the spirit world. This girl shares the perspective…   as she tries to make peace in her home life… Special thanks to Judge Bill Thorne for sharing this story with us.