NAICJA Webinar 8/22 – “Planning the Healing to Wellness Court: Inspiration and Vision to get Started”

NAICJA’s upcoming webinar looks like a great way to gather information about developing Peacemaking in your communities, check out the details at

Wondering how to get started in developing a Healing to Wellness Court for your Tribe? In this free webinar you’ll learn more about developing your vision and plan as well as hearing lessons learned. Join us, or even better, gather a team from your tribe to participate!

August 22, 2017 – 12:00pm PT, 1:00pm MT, 2:00pm CT, 3:00pm ET

Tribal Healing to Wellness Courts bring together community-healing resources with the tribal justice process, using a team approach to achieve the physical and spiritual healing of the participant and the well-being of the community. This webinar will walk participants through the visioning and foundation planning process to begin the development and implementation of a Healing to Wellness Court. Focus will be given to the key partners needed, as well as primary components that should eventually be reflected in your policies and procedures. You’ll hear firsthand from seasoned tribal judges who will share reflections, tips, and lessons learned about their experience with developing their own Healing to Wellness Court. Register at: