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WORKSHOP: “Indigenous Dispute Systems Design (Indigenous Planning, Dispute Systems Design, and Field Theory)”

IPI will be at the National Association of Community and Restorative Justice conference in June.  This workshop will address the following objectives:

  1. Introduction to the growing field of Indigenous Dispute Systems Design;
  2. Getting Community involved in systems design- how to, benefits, and required leadership;
  3. Anticipating and recognizing resistance to change; and
  4. Partnering with education systems and for youth-focused justice system design and re-entry programs.

Workshop Description:

We have to recognize how much power law exerts on individuals in order to build dispute resolutions systems that operate without being swallowed up by the legal system. This is particularly useful for indigenous and other smaller communities to consider when attempting to put a dispute resolution system in place. 

The budding field of Indigenous Dispute Systems Design, which involves local communities in designing their own systems incorporating traditional knowledge and practices, can inform all communities on how to be more successful in system design and implementation.  An Indigenous Dispute Systems Design leader will explain this potential.   Finally, a leader in Indigenous education will discuss her efforts to implement peace circles in secondary education and other contexts. 

Presenters of this workshop include Polly E. Hyslop, Ph.D., Nora Antoine, Ph.D., Brian Jarret, Ph.D., and Brian Polkinghorn, Ph.D.