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WORKSHOP: “Starting a Peacemaking Program: Cultural Recovery in Indigenous Communities”

IPI will be at the National Association of Community and Restorative Justice conference in June.  This workshop will address the following objectives:

  1. What planning and community organizing steps and approaches have worked to develop successful community-based peacemaking programs?
  2. Lessons learned from successful peacemaking program administration over time.
  3. Different methods and levels of complexity in integrating culturally relevant materials and structures.

Workshop description: This workshop will provide practical steps to starting a culturally-based program, informed by experience in various contexts.  Presenters are people who have started and/or managed peacemaking programs, and will share their experiences, tips, and lessons learned from the ground up. There are many different opportunities within each community, and learning from different examples will help you realize that you too can get started sooner than you thought!  Various ways of integration of culturally relevant materials, and various structures and startup focal points.

Presenters of this workshop include: Hon. Laurie Vilas, Chief Justice Kevin Briscoe, and Natasha Gourd