Honoring Indigenous People

    Brett Lee Shelton, and distinguished First Nations, Rotary, and Judicial guests after presenting on Indigenous Peacemaking at a presentation hosted by the Honoring Indigenous People Section of the Manitoba Rotary Club, on Oct 16, 2019
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    Meet Me at the Bell Tower

    Brett Lee Shelton, pictured with megaphone beside organizer Michael Redhead Champagne, speaks on Indigenous Peacemaking at the Meet Me at the Bell Tower weekly Friday evening event in North End Winnipeg, MB on Oct 18, 2019.

    Restorative Justice and Tribal-State Collaboration

    Pictured after a panel presentation on Restorative Justice and Tribal-State Collaboration hosted by the Manitoba School of Law (l-r) Law School Dean Dr. Jonathan Black-Branch, Michigan Supreme Court Justice Megan Cavanagh, Pat Cavanagh, Former Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Michael Cavanagh, NARF Staff Attorney Brett Lee Shelton, and Manitoba Rotary Honoring Indigenous People activist attorney David Newman.