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Traditional Notions of Conflict Resolution:
Keynote Speech by Dr. Ernest Uwazie

This recording of a keynote speech by Dr. Ernest Uwazie, Chair of the Division of Criminal Justice and Director of the Center for African Peace and Conflict Resolution at California State University at Sacramento discusses how African centered conflict resolution systems, based in traditional processes and values, or emergent hybrids incorporating such systems, seem more durable.  Many North American indigenous nations have recognized the same, resulting in the growing movement to incorporate peacemaking into the options available to tribal citizens. (35 min 6 sec) 

Uwazie’s list of Key Traditional African Conflict Resolution Values will look familiar to practitioners and students of peacemaking:



Consensus Building




Problem Solving

This short recording is eye-opening to help realize similar issues and foundations shared by indigenous communities across the world. It is worth the time investment in viewing, providing examples and generalizations of outcomes, etc. that will be helpful to any dispute resolution facilitator, based on Dr. Uwazie’s studies and experiences.